About Us

HAYAH Outsourcing is a professional engineering firm located in Cairo, Egypt, Providing architectural and engineering outsourcing services to clients across the Globe.

HAYAH Outsourcing is offering a tradition of excellence designing and consultancy services through teams of professional architects and engineers offshore provide design, drafting, detailing and CAD services for residential, commercial, government and institutional projects.

We help you to better utilize your resources, to increase profitability and accelerate growth through cost reduction, working around the clock to the highest quality commitment for excellence and unique outcomes.

Focusing on the service we are seeking innovation and improvement for each project, providing our clients with an exceptional class of services working to the international highest quality standards.

Offering a fresh, highly consultative and personalized service, our office environment is intimate and facilitates a high degree of collaboration and discussion. HAYAH believes that a successful outcome is best achieved by an investment in the quality design services that we offer.

We also understand that small businesses also require professional looking presentation and working drawings for their clients, that’s where we come in. as we help you to reduce your overheads, to increases your profit and we provide you our services to the highest quality and confidentiality.

Focusing on customer satisfaction and believing in the importance of communication so we keep a permanent contact with our clients across the globe so the design solutions we deliver respond directly to their specific needs

Our Vision

To become a leading company in the field of Architectural and Engineering outsourcing services. The process of growth will be marked by the high quality, strong commitment and the cost reduction we provide our clients with.

Our Mission

To provide Architectural and Engineering services to clients across the globe targeting the highest levels of customer satisfaction and reaching a partnership relationship with our clients through high quality, low cost, strong commitment, productivity and retention.