Why Outsource?

Outsourcing has a lot of advantages and benefits for you:

  • You can focus on your core business activities leaving the non-core activities for us
  • You can reduce your project costs
  • You can save time through the time zone advantage
  • You can gain competitive advantages
  • We can help you to have more efficient services
  • You can easily access to experienced and qualified teams
  • You won't have to interview, recruit or train new employees
  • You won't have spent any employee costs like; taxes, medical, vacation time, unemployment costs etc.
  • You won't have to fill out any employee paper work like tax forms, scheduling, retirement plans etc.
  • You won't have to do time consuming tasks
  • You won't have to learn or buy a new software program or other equipment

  Reasons for considering us as an offshore Service provider?

We are a professional engineering firm, we will deliver you a high quality services according to the international standards through our qualified and experienced Architects and Engineers, saving you both time and efforts, helping you to better utilize your resources, to increase profitability and accelerate growth through cost reduction.

  Why Egypt?

  • Barak Obama, the American president said “We should raise our Children to be like the Egyptian Youth”.
  • David Cameron, The British prime minister said” We should teach the Egyptian revolution in our schools”.
  • Heinz Fischer, President of Austria said “The Egyptian people are the greatest in the world and deserves the Nobel Prize for peace”.

Egyptians are goal oriented; they create a vision and ensure its correct implementation.

It's a very safe and stable country especially where we are located in the capital; even through the hardest times we were up and that prove nothing but reliability and stability of business in our company.

  How do we communicate with our clients?

We believe that communication is the key to success that is why we maintain permanent 24/7 contact with our clients through:

USA Phone +1 323-331-4046
Egypt cellular +201224608706
           Office Landline +202 22692487
           Fax +202 22686917
Skype Audio and video conferencing HayahOutsourcing
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/HayahOutsourcing
E- mail info@hayahoutsourcing.com
Website www.hayahoutsourcing.com

 Which computer programs do we use?

  • Working to the latest technology, we use the latest versions of 3Ds Max, Revit Building, AutoCAD, and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

 Do you follow your own CAD standards or those which we prescribe?

  • We follow the CAD standards as agreed by the client. However, if such agreement didn’t exist, then we follow our own standards and professional experience to deliver compatible outcomes.

 How is the working agreement settled?

  • We present our clients with a working time plan clarifying the project scope, stages and submissions, providing them with absolute control over the whole process.

 How do we fix the prices of your services? / Do you charge, on hourly basis or project?

  • We have different pricing strategies according to the nature of each assignment. Finally we reach an agreement with the client on the pricing strategy which better serve the project.

 Which are the methods of payment?

  • Main methods of payment are PayPal and Wire transfer. For each case we submit the necessary and secured information. We may discuss and agree any other payment method suggested by our clients.

Please post your question and we will respond to you within 24 hours