Why HAYAH Outsourcing?

  QualityWe are a professional engineering firm working to the highest international standards providing our clients with high quality services.

  Cost Reduction
  • Help our clients to better utilize their resources, to increase profitability and accelerate growth through cost reduction.
  • Utilization of offshore Architectural and Engineering services result cost saving specially for permanent human resources needed for the project.
  • Client side reduction in requirement of Infrastructure, software and hardware ensuring further reduction in overall operating cost and increase in profits.
  • Flexible project cost options.

  • Team of qualified and experienced Architects and Engineers.
  • Dedicated for the Project.
  • Targeting the highest level of accuracy.
  • English speaking Manpower.
  • Able to handle small to large and complex projects.

  Unique and customized Service : Tailored and customized services provided to each client according to his project requirements and standards.

  Time Zone Advantage : Outsourcing has an advantage being located in different time zone, we work while your office is closed which is a great timing feature.